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for Curious Minds about Thinking, Learning, and Visualization.

The whole thing started from a desire to make material from The 13th International Conference on Thinking, ICOT, in Norrköping June 2007, available to participants and others interested. From all over the world, there have been visitors to access the video recordings of speakers as Howard Gardner, Hans Rosling, Jean-Pierre Changeux, Peter Gärdenfors, Martha Nussbaum, Bodil Jönsson. Bill Martin, David Perkins, Marlys Witte, James Nottingham, Art Costa, etc.

Later we have added material from other events, initially in particular those occurring as direct follow ups after our ICOT or activities related to its main speakers. Today there is an ICOT section with links to material from later ICOTs. For two of our ICOT speakers, James Nottingham and Bill Martin, the conference introduced them to the Swedish audience and enabled them to establish school development activities in Sweden based on Visible Learning and OUR Educational Network, respectively.

2011 we started our TEDxNorrköping activity, and the aims and terms are very similar to those of the ICOTs. No fee to speakers or organizers, and the motto for TED/TEDx Spreading Ideas worth Spreading is appropriate for ICOT as well. Early 2014 a section TEDxNorrköping has been added to this web site, and a related Facebook group  Tänkarnätverket-Thinking Schools Network has been set up  It will be used for advertising upcoming events and  new items at Tänkarnätverket, etc.

The material here is available thanks to support from Linköping University Electronic Press and Teknomedia.





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World class speakers. Saturday 14:00-17:00. Apply for ticket!

NT klandras av Pressens Opinionsnämnd (In Swedish)

Publiceringen i NT
Beslutet i sin helhet på
Vad som inte framgår där är att "NTs journalist Z", som upprepat skrivit osakligt och nedsättande om tjänstemannen X i kommun Y, vid flera tillfällen erbjöds att ta del av material med annan vinkling än hennes egen, men hon förklarade då att hon inte hade något intresse av det.
Kommentarer på Tänkarnätverket strax efter den klandrade publiceringen: Synpunkter på pressetik och orsakssammanhang.


Preliminary, in Miami, FL, 2017 or 2018.

TEDxNorrköping event(s) spring 2016

Preliminar speaker contacts:
Patricia Churchland
Guy Claxton
Martin Renton
Per Jensen
Markus Heilig
and more ...

New John Hattie: Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn

John Hattie, Gregory Yates: Visible Learning and the Science of How of We Learn. Routledge 2014.
In Swedish: Hur vi lär - Synligt lärande och vetenskapen om våra lärprocesser.. Natur och kultur 2014.
Hattie's enormous experience and research on school development combined with Yates' very wide, deep, and solid knowledge in Educational Psychology and Cognitive Science.

Swedish experience from Visible Learning plus

Gustav Vasa skola, Stockholm, was among the first in Europe,. Principal Lena Arkéus about their objective and experience. (in Swedish with English subtitles). International experience from Gustav Vasa and 15 other schools in a new book (Oct.23015); Swedish translation to come.

Carol Dweck's Mindset

Carol Dweck's Mindset - Man blir vad man tänker
now available in Swedish. Today 215 SEK from The video from her TEDxNorrköping Talk, with subtitles in 36 languages, has gained over 3 million visits on the Internet.

FÖRSTELÄRARE - handbok (Swedish)

So many interesting TED Talks:

Bill Gates & Hans Rosling

Video streaming and Playback arch 31, 2014 from Karolinska Institutet.

Hans Rosling from our ICOT 2007 (Power Failure during the talk - Thunderstorm)