Several Channels Open, members only

There is a set of associated communication means for different purposes:

1) A facebook group
et - Thinking Schools Network
Open for those who "like"(Just click link and "Like"/"Gilla")

2) A web site for members only (implemented as a Google Site) with "partner seeking" networks, schools and school people and some other material like recommended speakers, books, reports and links:

3) Mailing Lists for distribution and exchange of information.
The previous forums for discussion and debate have never gathered speed. Virtually no contributions have arrived.
So, now we are trying a couple of ordinary mailing lists instead. One in English and one in "Scandinavish". Hopefully the threshold now is lower; it is just about sending an "ordinary E-mail message". However, the messages will be moderated to filter out spam. The policy is to allow messages considered to be of interst for the "thinking community" in the school sector and elsewhere. Advertising conferences, seminars and courses will be accepted, if topic and objective are considered relevant, in particular if non-profit. Purely commersial events could normally be marketed via other appropriate channels.

You are welcome to subscribe, or unsubscribe, yourself

for the Scandinavish list,

and at
for the English one.

Bengt Lennartsson, editor.



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Chat with other interested from Nordic Countries:

TEDxNorrköping Sponsors: Norrköping City, Linköping Uuniversity

Thanks to support from Linköping University and Norrköping City, will we now be able to plan for two to four full TEDxNorrköping events per year, and also for one TEDxNorrköpingSalon event per month (except for summer and christmas months). These Salon events will normally be located to Thursday evenings.
More at

Swedish experience from Visible Learning plus

Gustav Vasa skola, Stockholm, was among the first in Europe,. Principal Lena Arkéus about their objective and experience. (in Swedish with English subtitles). International experience from Gustav Vasa and 15 other schools in a book (Oct.2015); Swedish translation may come.

Carol Dweck's Mindset

Carol Dweck's Mindset - Man blir vad man tänker
now available in Swedish. Today 215 SEK from The video from her TEDxNorrköping Talk, with subtitles in 36 languages, has gained over 6 million visits on the Internet.